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Join us!

Dwengo is a movement, a vision and a set of values. We base the Dwengo movement on a set of core values to shape our vision and guide our work. Sciene education will contribute to the making of a better world, knowledge should be free, share with every human being, openness, transparency and diversity. We wish for Dwengo to be hundreds of thousands of people who collectively provide impetus to the movement. Join us. You can help!

I am a teacher. What can I do?

You can start your own Dwengo movement in your school. If your school already has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program, contact us to see how Dwengo can fit into it. If your school does not have a STEM program, we can help you set one up. By collaborating we can enhance the quality of your STEM education program and connect you with other teachers and schools.

I am a hobbyist. Can I participate?

You can upload your projects and tutorials onto our website or start your own local Dwengo workshop in your local area. We are there to support.

I am a student. Is there something I could do?

Students are at the core of Dwengo. Share the site with your classmates, ask your teachers to include Dwengo projects in your curricula, or start your own Science/Technology/Robotics club in school. Also, use our forum tot o keep in touch wit hus. We will share all our latest students events.

I am member of a foundation or non-profit organization. Can we team up?

Dwengo aims to develop an international network of organisations with a compatible vision. All our material is open source and available for use. Feel free to test it and contact us if you think we could work together.